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WHY CHOOSE A TILED Conservatory Roof ?


Your Choices, Your Design

Your Choices, Your Design

Conservatory with tiled roof, white upvc windows & brick piers.

The Warmest Roof on the market ! 

The Timber structure eliminates condensation and the build up of damp. Fully Insulated to supply you with a TRUE Warmroof. 

Your Choices, Your Design

Your Choices, Your Design

Your Choices, Your Design

Synthetic slate grey tiles

With an extensive range of Conservatory Tiles options and colours, you choose ! 

Plus Conservatory Fascia, Soffit & Guttering options and colours to match your home. 

All Year Round Use

Your Choices, Your Design

All Year Round Use

Diagram showing heat and thermal control during winter & summer season

This insulated tiled conservatory roof achieves U-Values of 0.14Wm2. 

Outstanding thermal performance to ensure your Conservatory can be an "all year round" room. 

Timber Structure

Installation Time

All Year Round Use

Timber structure in a Gable/Apex design

We use Traditional Structural Grade Timbers. Ensuring strength & reliability for your peace of mind. 

Installation Time

Installation Time

Installation Time

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Cutting installation time in half, the perfect conservatory replacement !

This tiled conservatory roof Product is the perfect roof replacement. 70% pre-assembled before delivery, providing less distribution to your home. 

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Product Overview:

This Timber framed, light weight tiled conservatory roof System is not only highly insulated but robust, long lasting and at the forefront of modern Conservatory design. Its manufactured and installed to keep the warm in during Winter and remain cool during Summer for the truly "all year round" use that all homeowners are looking for. 

This system is perfectly manufactured for a conservatory replacement. It requires very little alteration to your existing structure. Its well engineered Pod Systems means Installation time is cut by 25%, saving you money and cutting down on disruption to your home. 

Icotherm is Building Control Compliant for your piece of mind. . 

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Icotherm Roof Logo 

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Tiled Conservatory Roof, Insulated Conservatory Roof Installation. 

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